Any Pages which break Business Crowd’s policies could result in a suspension of account. Please be sure to read through our guidelines as violations could also lead to being permanently barred from using any of Business Crowd’s services in the future.

All Company Pages must be UK based only

We only allow one page per company. All brands must come under one account page following the below rules:

Company Name

  • Your company name should be your official business trading name. URL’s, descriptions and keywords are not allowed.


  • Pages must be written in a professional manner – stating a clear description of your business/ freelance service
  • All information must be correct and not misleading in any way.
  • The message must not be a selling proposition for yourself but informative.  
  • No phone numbers in the statements
  • No pricing in the statements
  • All text must be in English


  • The main cover picture must be clean and clear, we remain the right not publish your page if it isn’t. Please make sure the image is not grainy or loses quality when it is on the site.
  • No discriminative images or images that might cause offence must be used, including nudity or any sensitive topics.
  • No Text on the image
  • No overtly promotional material
  • Must be an image which you have the rights for – any images which you do not have the rights for will be removed at our discretion.


  • Must be real pictures of people.


  • Must be written by someone who has bought or been used one of your services.
  • This cannot be family, friends or anyone who associates themselves with you on a personal level.
  • The review must not be bought or purchased for any monetary form.
  • Random spot checks will be performed to make sure reviews are legit.
  • Reviews need to be in english.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to check something with us, please contact us at

Your Account

Your page holds information which gets portrayed to customers and other interested parties. This means we expect you to maintain a good standing of your account including updating it with any new information. This helps to paint a picture of how your company grows over a period of time and show you are active.

Please respect

We reserve the right to make changes to our policy if and when we deem fit.