Angela Bradbury
Angela Bradbury
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After graduating from Cambridge University with a Natural Sciences degree, Angela Bradbury joined McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst, where she used traditional expert networks and spotted an opportunity to disrupt the industry. She then took a role as Head of UK for a platform startup, Homejoy, which was Silicon Valley-backed after coming out of Y Combinator. Angela Bradbury (CEO) started Chime Advisors in mid-2015 and was quickly joined by David Adams (CTO), a software developer with over 25 years of experience building platforms for companies from JPMorgan to Mumsnet. Their first full-time hire, Kellie Dodds (Head of Operations), has over 20 years of experience in project management and executive search. They have been joined by a number of project managers who work flexibly and remotely on a part-time basis.

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