Hi! Our names are Jay and Sunil, we started Business Crowd in 2015 with a single goal: Find the answer to your business issues. And we have now started building the biggest guide and resource hub for businesses in the world. Learn how you can join us on our mission or just come nosy around and see what we offer.

We are a team! Bringing together talented designers, engineers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who value the lifelong relationships born of a strong work culture. We challenge each other to be better and face problems together. Our passion to help one another keep going – and that’s why Business Crowd was born.

 Who is Business Crowd for?

We are a resource that promotes collaboration from business types. Startups to Global.  We work with over 200 advisors made up of owners and CEO’s to share insight, knowledge and inspiring stories. Our Live Discussion (messaging service) allows you join debates and ask questions. You can even get a recommend service if you ever need more help. To top it all off, we have released all sourced How-To guides for FREE. Join finding and sharing top business advice. Signup to Business Crowd today!


 Our mission?

All owners have overcome business struggles in their own way. We question until we find the answer to your business issue! Join and share your thoughts. We answer, you grow!


 Our Habitat?

Set in the centre of London, our lair is off the historic main street of Tower Bridge. While also being on of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s the best place to start.

Business Crowd Launch 2015 – News and Insight on Business Crowd.  Don’t be a business with no voice, be an authority. “We thought this has got to be the top!”

Business Crowd Prototype 2014 – Design and create a beautiful company page to showcase your mission and relevant information about your Company achievements. “We we’re on top of the world!”

Since we began in 2012 our core mission hasn’t changed.”Find the missing answer to your very real business issues”. Want to know how we have grown?  See what we now offer.